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WetProof Hydro & Shine delivers lasting protection and unmatched gloss in a unique water-activated formula that is fast and easy to apply.It will take only 10 Minutes to cover and save your car.Also you can use for your car glasses so you can make them hydrophobic and which means you dont need any other products for that and save your money.

The incredibly effective blend of acrylic polymer resins and water activated nano-polymers
leaves your paint slick and protected without the extra effort and hassle of traditionally applied sealants or waxes. The optical grade polymers won t stain exterior trim, and even leave rubber and plastic looking darker and protected from the elements.

Application couldnt be more simple - apply by misting over a dry vehicle and spreading with
a premium plush microfiber towel , using a pre-moistened microfiber towel to apply protection and shine.

Regardless of the method you choose you ll agree that is the WetProof Hydo & Shine easiest, fastest, and most effective way to seal your paint that you ve ever used.

Common Sense Warning:

This product will work best on a clayed and polished surface and make your glasses perfectly hydrophobic. Spray lightly to achieve a streak-free, slick finish. You can spray directly onto windows


Using too much product can leave undesirable streaking, work quickly if using in direct sun.

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