About us

WetProof was founded in 2012 by a team of experts in nanotechnology in Turkey. We bring the latest and most effective products to the country by conducting R&D studies in partnership with 19 universities around the world. We work hard to meet the needs of our customers and to find solutions to their problems.

At WetProof, we are leaders in vehicle ceramic coatings. Our products protect your vehicles against factors such as sun rays, acid rain, dust, sand, salt water, scratches and environmental factors. Thanks to our products specially designed for both car enthusiasts and businesses in the automotive sector, we ensure that their vehicles are protected and shiny for many years.

At WetProof, we attach great importance to customer satisfaction. We not only offer products of the highest quality, but also offer tailor-made solutions to our customers’ needs. Our expert team works to provide the best service to our customers. Today’s rapidly developing technology and industry brings rapid changes and developments in the automobile and automotive sectors. By leading these changes, WetProof always follows the latest technologies and we offer our products with the newest features. In this way, our customers can better maintain their vehicles by using the best and most innovative products.

We abide to the principles of customer satisfaction, quality and innovation. While protecting our customers’ vehicles with our products, we also work to maximize the customer experience.

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