About us

WetProof Global is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of professional ceramic coatings and other detailed surface protection field.

Our products are designed in a special R&D center in the USA for businesses operating in the automotive, aviation and maritime sectors which are offered for global, professional and amateur use after passing the final tests.

WetProof Global, especially as a subsidiary of an American Investment Fund, has established an effective and dynamic structure in global markets and has adopted unconditional customer satisfaction as its core principle.

In addition to its own brand of high-tech products, it constantly develops comprehensive surface coating and protection solutions tailored to the needs of its customers, in coordination with R&D centers and universities.

Our products and services are supplied to the whole world in a standard quality controlled by the US management – operations center and  main supply point in Turkey.​

WetProof  has expanded  its 15 years of experience further with the American Fund strategic partnership and carried out WetProof Global products to new dimensions.

As part of this transformative step, company R&D and management is now managed from the American headquarters. Apart from the USA, the production and supply hub of our products for the Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia regions continues from Istanbul/Turkey address, thus we are able to respond to increasing global demands more easily and quickly.

This latest collaboration brings together WetProof Global’s innovative strengths with our funding partner’s extensive industry expertise and global reach. Combining resources and a common vision and efficient strategic growth enable us to provide more value-added service to all our customers.

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