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Easy & Extreme

WetProof Easy & Extreme provides the liquid and oil repellent properties to the glass surfaces of your car, ensuring that the windows become stainless and easy to clean with the water slider effect.

It creates a completely invisible layer covering the applied surface and does not cause any change in glass transparency.

Nanotechnology, which the product contains, makes it easier to remove ice from the surface of glass, retards the adhesion of mud and dust to the glass, increasing visibility during rainy weather and providing a safer sight.

Usage areas

Automobile glasses and mirrors application

Method of application

Glass should be thoroughly cleaned before application, and there should be no dust, oil, cleaning agent or similar residues on it.


The surface should be completely dried. Ambient temperature during application should be at room temperature and the surface to be applied should be at normal temperature.


Application should not be done under direct sunlight and in dusty environment.

After unpacking and completely opening the product, it should be applied and spread evenly on the surface.

After the application , no drying and polishing process should be done.
Technical data


Contact angle: 105 °

Water slip angle: 18 °

Salt water test: 480 hours 18% hydrophobic, 13% reduction in coating thickness

Wash test: 50 cycles, with 0.15 kg / cm2 pH neutral detergent washing equivalent, 30% hydrophoby, 15% reduction in coating thickness

Wind erosion: (road test simulation) 240 hours 100 km / h wind tunnel, with 20000 km usage
equivalent, 4% hydrophobic reduction, no measurable difference in coating thickness


UV protection: effective for 480 hours, a slight increase in hydrophoby

Temperature resistance: effective up to 150 centigrade degrees

Chemical resistance acidic: effective at pH> 1


Storage conditions

The product should be stored in a dry and cool place and should not be left in the sun or at a high


Product Strength: 6 Months

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