Body Shell Guard 


Body Shell Guard

Silver Edition

Our new produtcs Body Shell Guard Silver new edition is the first and only one in the World about protect and smell.

Body Shell Guard Silver establishes a permanent bond with the applied surface and becomes part of the surface. It provides restoration, deep shine, and application to the surface protects vehicle paint from external factors such as acid rain, bird droppings, sunburn, micro-scratches during washing, extremely basic and acidic car shampoos. It enables the thin layer taken from the paint during the pasting process to be restored. It is recommended to wash with PH Neutral shampoo without polish for long-term hydrophobic effect.

Usage areas


  • Car body and rims

  • Plastic bumper and black plastic trims

  • Black plastic parts under the bonnet

  • Headlig hts


Where not to apply?
  • Glass surfaces
  • Painted plastic surfaces
  • Chrome coating and metal surfaces
  • Textile surfaces
Product features

Strong water and oil repellency, strong dirt and stain-proofing. Excellent easy cleaning, reduced surface oxidations, masking capillary scratches, capillary scratch resistance. Resistance to chemical abrasives. Long lasting effect with high UV and friction resistance. It is resistant to thermal changes. Easy to apply. Resistant to detergents (up to pH 12).

Application type and consumption

Body Shell Guard has been developed so that end users can easily apply to vehicle bodies, rims and other metal and plastic surfaces. The application of the product takes between 60 minutes and 90 minutes depending on the vehicle type. Because this is a product suitable for the professional use, all instructions should be followed, otherwise the desired results will not be obtained. The surface to be applied should be free from dirt, oil, varnish, SRP etc. and dry. Make sure there is no detergent, soap residue on the surface to be applied. Rinse the surface thoroughly with water. If the capillary scratches on the surface are removed by pasting before application, the effect of Body Shell Guard will be stronger. WetProof Body Shell Guard is implemented as follows. Prepare the application pads supplied with the product and two microfiber polishing cloths to be obtained. It is recommended that the product be applied in the order of ceiling, bonnet, front blinds, fenders and side doors. Shake the bottle several times and turn the bottle upside down after placing the application pad so as to cover the bottle cap and opening the locked cap, and place the product on the pad. Place the application pad on the WetProof Body Shell Guard bottle and turn the bottle upside down, transferring about 0.8 ml of product to application pad each time. In this way, sufficient quantity of product is taken on the pad at 4 to 5 times per square meter. In a standard sedan vehicle, the product is transferred onto the application pad at 4 to 5 times for the half of the ceiling, at 3 to 5 times for the half of the front door, at 2 to 3 times for the fenders, and at 4 to 5 times for each door.

If the product is not enough on the surface and it can not be evenly distributed, it means that the product is less than needed and if it is difficult to remove the vapor, it means that the product on the surface is used excessively. Spread the the product taken on one end of the pad equally to the panels by linear movements and gently pressing. Perform the polishing of up to two panels with each side of the four times-foulded short-pile microfibre polishing cloths and use the different sides of one of the plied cloths in the two panels. When spreading is completed for a single panel, polish the panel by circular movements with a microfiber cloth and without pressing too much. Polish again with a different microfiber cloth to ensure excellent gloss and slippery surface. Then complete the process by applying the same process to the other panels. Make sure that there are no wiped or untreated surfaces during the passage between the panels. Keep the WetProof Body Shell Guard bottle closed between each panel application. Apply the product to the plastic trims of the panel and polish them with microfiber cloth.
Precautions for excellent application

Make sure that there is no water residue, especially in the trim areas of the vehicle and in the body, the WetProof Body Shell Guard which comes into contact with water immediately is cured and can be removed from the surface only with polishing.

Choose as dust-free and indoor environment as much as possible to prevent the ambient dust from sticking to the surface.

Do the application in a temperature range of 15-30 centigrade degrees, preferably without direct sunlight. If very fast drying is observed at temperatures above 30 centigrade degrees (> 50%) in extremely humid environments, application in panels can be done in two parts.
At temperatures between 5-15 centigrade degrees, you can wait for 2 to 3 minutes before polishing.
It is recommended to apply up to two panels with the application pad and the pads should be discarded after use.

After 2 hours on the application surface, WetProof Body Shell Guard Nano paint protection effect begins.
Full resistance to abrasion and detergents is provided 48 hours after application.

Technical data

Contact angle: 125 °
Water slip angle: 22 °
Salt water test: 480 hours 8% hydrophobic, 9% reduction in coating thickness
Wash test: 50 cycles, with 0.15 kg / cm2 pH neutral detergent washing equivalent, 10% hydrophoby, 7% reduction in coating thickness
Wind erosion: (road test simulation) 240 hours 100 km / h wind tunnel, with 20000 km usage equivalent, 1%
hydrophobic reduction, no measurable difference in coating thickness
UV protection: effective for 480 hours, a slight increase in hydrophoby
Temperature resistance: effective up to 150 centigrade degrees
Chemical resistance acidic: effective at pH> 1

Storage conditions

The product can be stored in its original bottle for 1 year without losing its effect. The product should be consumed within one month after it is opened. Recommended storage conditions: +5 to +24 ° C

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