Body Shell Guard 


Body Shell Guard

Gold Edition


Body Shell Guard Gold establishes a permanent bond with the applied surface and becomes part of the surface. It provides restoration, deep shine, and application to the surface protects vehicle paint from external factors such as acid rain, bird droppings, sunburn, micro-scratches during washing, extremely basic and acidic car shampoos. It enables the thin layer taken from the paint during the pasting process to be restored. It is recommended to wash with PH Neutral shampoo without polish for long-term hydrophobic effect.

Our new produtcs Body Shell Guard Gold new edition is the first and only one in the World about protect and smell.

Main dfferences with WetProof Body Shell Guard Silver :

3 times more shining

2 times more hyrophobic

2 times more deep effect

2 times more slippery surface

Why We Are The Best

We can can easily that because we are just focus on what we are producing. We dont produce and we dont want to produce too many products.We are producing just which we can beileve that is the best one products in the World. And put our label on bottles.

What is our differences

First of all for us the most important things is save the surfaces.Thats why we alwasy checking surface healt. Shining-hydrophobia or hardness for us is last important things for surface. Our all coatings are breathing and live coatings.